Dr. Brian LaMont Monford, Sr., was born in Lima, Ohio where he accepted Christ at an early age. He did it, in part, to make sense of a chaotic childhood that saw the devil attack his family with drugs and separation. But, he soon realized that Christians suffer hardships, too. It was in the aftermath of his mother’s brutal murder and his attempt to deal with it did Dr. Monford learn what it means to be a Christian through troubled times. He, therefore, answered the call to preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ at the young age of seventeen. His passion is to share a message that gives strength and hope to those who suffer.

Dr. Monford received his Bachelor of Arts from American Baptist College, Nashville TN.  He is also a graduate of Winebrenner Theological Seminary, Findlay, OH where he received both his Masters of Divinity and Doctorate of Ministry Degrees.

In 1991, at the age of 24, Dr. Monford became the pastor of the Philippian Missionary Baptist Church where he has served for 19 years. Under his leadership Philippian has experienced unprecedented growth in the Lima community.

In 1995, Dr. Monford authored a book From Valleys to Victories which share his convictions and experiences from a single parent household surrounded by drugs and tragedy with the hope to inspire people to rise above their circumstances, encouraging them to become self-sufficient and effective in fulfilling their God given purpose.

Dr. Monford is the founder and Executive Administrator of the Quest Academy Community School. He is also the co-founder of the Mary Alice House, a Sober Living Environment for men and women who struggle with addiction and substance abuse.

Dr. Monford was recently inducted into the Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. International Board of Preachers at the Morehouse College and has also been the recipient of numerous community service awards for his tireless work and service for the advancement of community & kingdom.

Dr. Monford is the husband of the former Teresa A. Humphries. They have four children, Brian, Jr., Brandon, Brianna, and Brandi.