Philippian Missionary Baptist Church was built June 23, 1953 under the direction of Herbert G. McKensie (wife), private owners.  In April 1954 a few members under the leadership of Rev. Major Amerson congregated at 2608 S. Main Street to worship and sing praises unto the Lord.  On the 11th day of February 1955, the church was purchased by the trustees and pastor of the Pilgrim Rest Baptist Church (second party).  Using the same name, Philippian Missionary Baptist Church, Rev. Major Amerson went into this church with only seven members:

  1. Rev. Major Amerson
  2. James Chambers, Trustee
  3. Ovay Brown, Trustee
  4. Rosa Bell Amerson
  5. Katie Chambers
  6. Mae Pearl McBride
  7. Leroy Brown, Secretary

After moving into the Philippian Missionary Baptist Church, the membership began to grow with Rev. Amerson, Pastor.  In November 1960 Rev. Amerson passed away leaving a void until another minister was called.  In which time services were held with visiting ministers coming in.  From November 1960-Septemeber 1961 we were without a leader.  In 1961 the congregation held a program to celebrate the paying of the mortgage.

Later that year Rev. Billy Robinson held revival for the church and was soon to become the new minister.  Rev. Robinson was the peoples’ choice.  Philippian was under his leadership from 1961-1962.  The church was soon to be without a minister after the resignation of Rev. Robinson.

Rev. Jessie E. Latson was called to Philippian in August of 1962.  Rev. Latson was born in Greenville, Mississippi and attended the National Geological Seminary in Nashville, Tennessee.  He organized the Pastor’s aide, Ever Ready, Willing Workers, the Layman Clubs, and the Annual Women’s day Program.

In 1972, under Rev. Latson’s leadership, the congregation was moved to our new building on Eighth Street.  We were to be led by Rev. Latson from August 1962-July 1981.

Rev. B.D. Lambert was to become our new pastor after Rev. Latson’s death.  Dr. Lambert, a Pastor-Evangelist from Mobile, Alabama, was with us for a short time.  We were under his leadership from March 1982-November 1982.

On the second Sunday in November 1982, Rev. H. Frank Taylor, III preached his first sermon on Youth Sunday.  Subsequently, he was called to Philippian on March 21, 1983.  Rev. Taylor formed the Christian Education Program on Friday nights, and diligently worked with the Youth.

In 1983 the church added improvements and increased its’ revenue by 50%.  Under Rev. Taylor’s leadership the church sponsored the first city wide Youth Crusade, resulting in 21 baptized souls into the Kingdom of Heaven.  Rev. Taylor left Philippian in 1990.

Pastor B. LaMont Monford, Sr. preached in January 1991 and was installed in April 1991.  Pastor Monford believes that the church is here to serve its’ community.  In 1992 the Summer Day Camp began, the Armor Bearer Ministry started in 1993, a building fund through donations and tithes was started in November 1994, he restructured the Youth ministry in 1994, ICU Ministry in December 1994, created a Women’s Ministry out of the Mission Ministry in the Spring of 1995, the church newsletter, Philippian Illuminator, in July 1995, and the construction of the new sanctuary in 1996.  The congregation has grown from a couple of hundred members to well over 1200 members.

Pastor Monford is the founder and Executive Director of Quest Academy, which began August 30, 2000.  The community schooling concept, commonly known as charter schools in other states, is new in the state of Ohio, and is the first of its kind.  In January 2006, Quest will be breaking ground on a new building that will hold 10 new classrooms, a computer room and a library.  They also have added another grade for the 2006 school year.  They are accepting open enrollment for grades K-6th.

In January 2002 Mary Alice’s House (MAH), a Sober Living Environment for Men, was established.  Named after his mother, Pastor Monford felt the need to create an environment where individuals can continue their recovery from alcohol/drug addiction after completion of a substance abuse program.  In May of 2003, MAH expanded their program to 30 men and 25 females dedicated to developing a drug-free lifestyle.

Pastor Monford, Sr. is dedicated to the building of the community through evangelizing the lost, equipping and empowering the found, and providing a holistic ministry to our community as well as the world.  He believes that if we empower each other with the Word of God, we can do nothing but triumph.  Since his calling at Philippian, over 40 different ministries have begun, and continue to grow.